Muhlako wa Ahlomwe

28 10 2009

I am a cultured guy by all standards and I am happy the biggest tribe that was losing its face due to intermarriages and other stuff has found a door to come out for us all to see, I envy Ahlomwe.

I am not impressed with how this guy is doing his stuff, defending the Lomwe culture! I am of the view that some cultural practices should come to a halt, just to mention a few:

Kulowa kufa – y is it that some 1 shd be force onto a greeving wondow just to chase the ghost of the dead husband, I guess this was a concert of some guy who realy had an eye on his brothers wife.

Fisi – I don’t take it with any proper taste y someone could everthing of some old man having the 1st good time with my daughter!

M’choma the dance loved by one prominent minister in the Bingu govt is more of a bedroom tacticts show (more so like kwasakwasa)

Now comes the timabele Show, Y should one be give a chance to buy GONDOLOSI and/or SASI then 10 minutes later he is exposed to my daughter with her breast on show?

I put my last concern to Hestings Maloya on his face book page after he post his happiness on the good show of Ahlomwe.

Here is a full posting:

Hastings Maloya What a beautiful Lhomwe day!

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Godfrey Chisusu

Congrats, only thinking it will last more than the politics. I love Malawian culture, but cant we stop exposing timabele ta a tsikana? I am happy Fisi n chokolo are in the dying days, looking forward when Ahlomwe n Angoni asiye kutionetsa mabele aatsikana. NO Offence!

Sun at 8:08pm

Hastings Maloya

@Godfrey, you raise a very important point. but you need to do some soul searching, why dont you like the breast part? kumeneko nde kudana ndi culture

Sun at 8:27pm

Godfrey Chisusu

Maloya, its not me. I dont wanna give a reasons to idiots to chase my daughter in the name of insensitive culture. Breast is a sexual organ in any culture, I guess.

Sun at 9:06pm

Hastings Maloya

No! You think sex too much

Sun at 9:16pm

Godfrey Chisusu

Hahahahaha, u dont kno me that well eti? I am happy to hear that it wasnt there this time round! If u think its good culture u r living in ur only world I guess! Have a blessed Muhlako day, the Lord be with you.

Sun at 9:23pm

Hastings Maloya

What culture do you belong to? You surprise me busy asking the Ngonis and Lhomwes to change their conduct. Manyazi bwa!? Zoona munthu kumaganiza sex coz of timabere ta mwana?

Sun at 9:39pm

Godfrey Chisusu

Am a tru Ngoni from Mzimba, I doubt if preaching against planting chamba is a signing of loving weed. Timabele show should stop the way we r stopping Magolowazi in Mzimba, I also hav an issue with Mchoma of Rumphi.

Am happy Roy Commzy says there was non of that Timabele Show this year. I guess you r not happy u missed it this time round, anyway wait for the Leed Dance.

I hope u follow culture like, coz I love your line of thinking! N u r doing a good job, defending a silly culture of the Timabele Show. Kikikikikikiki…….

If all culture is still relevant y r the Ngonis not going about town in underwear (Mwado)?

Mon at 8:03am

Hastings Maloya

Your comments sound a bit silly but I like them. We know we shall always have opposing views like yours. But we shall always ask why a Ngoni should tell a Lhomwe to change this or that. Shame. Roy lied to you. We had anamwali this year and it was just super! I can send pictures if you want. Bwinotu, mudzaona ngati mukukamba zanzeru mukupusa pagulupa. Keep on writing. I love the silly part of the contributions

Mon at 8:25am

Godfrey Chisusu

This debate is not coz am Ngoni; U can hung me, but I insist Timabele Show is very cool in this age, I kno u may in ur own smo way try to help modify it. On this I would rather b silly n wopusa pagulu (la-ozindikira).

Please STOP the child abuse.




16 04 2009

I love Lilongwe City popularly known as LL or L-City.

Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi since 1975, the name comes from a river that snakes its way through the town. As you will see, it is a junction of travelers, business executives, Government bureaucrats, NGO executives, tobacco buyers and tobacco sellers, Agriculturalist (I hear Chitedze Research Station in Lilongwe has more PhD holders per square meter compare to any place in the country), students, Policemen and Police Women, military personnel and fun lovers! Many political parties have their headquarters in the City too!

Just imagine the above concoction; one that creates a Capital city and a half! And half? I guess you are asking. Lilongwe is a city u don’t wanna mess with. The Head of state resides here, all his Ministers and their deputies, lovers and their loved ones are here too. The honorable August House too is in L-City, whether it’s the grouping or the building LL hosts parliament (sometimes one might be mistaken that the Parliament buildings are more intelligent than the tenants) – the law makers who do much drama that when the honorable house is in session all drama groups take their annual leave to pave way for these fatly paid fathers and mothers who on average (I think) ask their siblings never to watch the edited rebroadcast of their sessions as it is mostly x-rated!

The city is spread over a flat land and it has three business centers: the old town – where the District commissioner operates from, Kusidya – where a high number of Indians and Nigerians run their retail businesses and City Center with tall operational buildings composed of offices, hotels, embassies and executives businesses. While the rest of city is split into small Areas number from 1 to well over 50. Some areas have both numbers and names like Kawale, Phwetekele-Kawondo, Dubai, Bagdad, Shire, Falls Estate, Chinsapo, Biwi, Nsiliza. It is funy to note that only highly populated have names while the luxurious Areas do not have time to change the number eg Area 9, Area10, 11, 12 and 43. Please do not take it that all Numbered Areas live above a dollar a day. Malawians are very humorous lot as one might note in the names they give alluding to their Areas, pets, children, drinks, even business!

Some names quickly jump from being street language of our unpublished dictionaries. Bagdad was being bombed when shanty living Lilongwe residence scrambled for plots in a section of Area 49 effectively calling it so! Dubai was named as such coz it started developing at time most Malawians were going there to buy second hand cars, Chi-Bin Laden named after Osama coz it hit the market when he was in the news. Chi-Bin Laden is a milk scorn that’s was initially called Chimudelera Fanta coz it was believed that it was so big n dry that u could be smoothened with a 300ml soda! Now the new kid on the block is Obama another version of bread that is very hard to crack and according to reports it is out selling Bin Laden!

So, Ladies and gents, welcome to the people’s city blog!